Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback GT 1965

HiPo K-Code

Low-mileage fine original car completely period correct renovated in the USA 2014-2017 with a focus on authenticity and details that resulted in a car in mint condition with a high-quality engine compartment, chassis with factory finish, markings with bold chalk, tags and inspection marks. All sheet metal is original.

Upgraded with hydraulic clutch and Borgeson power steering. Orginal parts are saved.

The car has the very rare Ford High Performance Induction Kit which includes original FOMOCO aluminum intake and dual four-barrel Carter Competition AFB 500 carburetors.

Cobra valve covers and oil trays are original by Buddy Bar Casting Company.

The car has the original fuel pump, manifolds, dual-switch distributor and all other K-code and GT-specific parts.

Mustangs built from October, 1964 through March, 1965 with High-Performance 289 K-Code engines were equipped with a unique dual exhaust system. Originally produced by Arvin, the system did not utilize conventional mufflers; instead, the exhaust note was "tuned" by combining the effects of resonance tubes in the front mufflers with conventional resonators integrated into the tailpipes. The sound was unique; low, aggressive and loud. And it increased peak torque and horsepower!

  • K-Code Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback in Caspian Blue, one of very few built in 1965. 
  • This car was built on April 7, 1965 in San Jose, California, USA.
  • Correkt K-Code 289/271 HiPo Solid Lifter V-8-engine (dated 5L9) matching numbers.
  • Top Loader close ratio 4-speed, 9" rear axle 3.50 gears.
  • Special Handling Package with stiffer spring, shocks and front stabilizer bar.
  • Quick Ratio Steering Box (replaced with a Borgeson servo).
  • Kelsey Hayes Disc Brakes.
  • Styled steel wheels with dual Red Line (Radial tires mounted now).
  • Repainted in orginal color Caspian Blue.
  • Dealer Options
    • Cobra Kit Two 4-V Induction Kit with two Carter Competition AFB 500.
    • Original Buddy Bar Cobra Valve Covers.
    • Cobra Aluminum Competition Oil Pan.
  • Dual Point Distributor.
  • Deluxe blue / white pony interior. 
  • Deluxe stearing wheel.
  • Rally Pac with 8000 RPM tachometer.
  • Modern radio in original design.
  • Arvinode dual exhaust system.

How many Mustangs like this were built?


Nobody knows.

As there are no official documentation on Mustang productions pre 1967 you must rely on other sources and take in generally accepted assumptions.

I am pretty sure my car is the only one in Sweden and that there were only a few built.

One of two or one of one? 

On top of that this car now has the 63B Luxury Pony Interior (5.776 / 8,1%) despite 63A on the Data plate.

It also has

  • Rally pac 8000 rpm
  • Cobra Kit Two 4-V Induction Kit with two Carter Competition AFB 500 carburetors
  • Original Buddy Bar Cobra Valve Covers
  • Cobra Aluminum Competition Oil Pan

Mustang 1965 K-Code in Sweden

The Swedish official registry Transportstyrelsen has 1.308 Ford  Mustang 1965 on record as of Feb 3 2023,

of wich

  • 11 are K-Codes (0,84%), of wich
  • 7 are Fastback (0,54%) , of wich
  • 1 is registered as GT

Note: there are another 49 Mustangs 1965  owned by persons with protected identity therefore information about those cars is not public.